How to Download

You will probably want to print out these instruction and then follow along as you perform the download.

1) Click on the download button for the item you want to download.

2) A dialog box will open. Select the option to Save this file to disk. Then press OK.

3) A Save As box will open. Note the directory to which you are saving the file. Then press Save.

4) Your file will begin downloading.

5) Once it has finished downloading, you can press the Open button and start the installation immediately. If you chose to do this, just follow the instructions on the screen to completion. Or else close the dialog box and continue with the instructions below.

6) When you are ready to install the downloaded program, you should first go off line.

7) When ready, go to your Windows Start button down at the lower left hand corner of your screen.

8) Press the Start button and select Run... from the menu.

9) In the box that opens up, click the Browse button to locate the file you downloaded.

10) When you locate the file click on it so its title shows in the File Name: box. Then click Open.

11) Once back in the Run box click OK.

12) The installation program will then begin. Follow the instructions on the screen.